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    Hi there,
    So I’m new to the forum and need a little guidance.
    I’ve done Botox injections (not with Dr Pacik but here in Australia).
    I am using the Femmax dilators (pink, rounded head) and am at size 3 (I think this is equivalent to a size 5 in the glass trainers).
    So I’m almost there. I’ve been going to physio after surgery and this has been extremely helpful. She has gotten me to do active pull down stretches with each progressive size (that means put dilator in, contract muscles,big release and pull down). I’ve found this to be super helpful to stretch out the muscles as static dilation or just leaving it in there didn’t prepare me mentally enough.
    I wanted to ask though, I’m now on size 3 so I’ll do the stretches with size 2 and insert 3. I’m now attempting to do the pull down stretches with 3 and although I can pull down, when th dilator comes back up, I start to feel this burning sensation and today just got painful so I took it out. I use olive oil for lubricant which has been great but need some tips/advice? Should I leave the size 3 in for longer before attempting the stretches?
    Argh, this vabinismus thing can be a real pain sometimes…


    Sorry to hear about your pain but it seems like you’re doing really well and making so much good progress! I’d say when I got pain from dilating it was usually because I wasn’t quite ready for that size (or of course if I wasn’t using enough lubricant). I went at a slow and steady pace with the dilators and it worked for me. A little pain isn’t bad, but I’d say you probably need to leave size 3 in a bit longer before attempting the stretches. Watching tv while dilating also helped me relax a bit and not solely concentrate on the dilating/pain. Remember that whatever pain you’re feeling is temporary and it’s the muscles getting used to something they’re not used to (I’m not in the medical field but that’s what I think)!

    Again, it seems like you’re doing a great job and progressing well.

    I use coconut oil so if you’re looking to try something else in the future I suggest it 🙂

    Cheers and good luck!


    Sks823 hit on something good here – I found that it really helped while dilating in the first weeks to have something to do that was relaxing and enjoyable while dilating – I watched shows I liked, skimmed Snapchat stories, and played video games while logging that quality dilating time, and it helped to associate dilating with things that were diverting or fun while I was still getting used to it. Burning as you stretch is normal, but lube is crucial!


    Hi Mary. I had the Botox procedure and used the dilators following this. I didn’t feel pain with the dilators and was probably on a natural high as I had never had something inside of me prior to having the treatment and was just elated that it worked and was now possible. I did sometimes feel this strong discomfort with the largest blue dilator in the pure romance set. I especially felt this in the office post-procedure and sometimes at home following. What helped me to get through this discomfort was to liberally use tons and tons of lubricant and to also try to do anything to distract myself from it (i.e. watch favorite TV show with the hubby, etc.). I hope this helps and send you my support today.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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