Can Give Forward or Care Credit work to pay for treatment?

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    Hi all. One question that often comes up is: How Can I Pay for the Botox Treatment Program for Vaginismus? I wanted to share again Dr. Pacik’s newsletter in which he describes the Give Forward: Fundraising Platform.

    In addition to this, other Forum members have been successful in financing their procedures with the Care Credit program.

    Testimonial from a Care Credit patient

    When I found Dr. Pacik’s website, I had hope again and was eager to make an appointment. The only problem at the time was we didn’t have enough money saved up to pay for the treatment. We spent and wasted so much money through the years with counseling, physical therapy, medications, etc.

    After looking on the website, I found where I could apply for a Care Credit Card. I applied that day and I was approved to cover most of the procedure/treatment cost! It was such an easy process and I’m so thankful that Dr. P’s office accepts Care Credit. I was able to call that day to set up my procedure! The best part is there is NO interest on my card for 12 months. So I will be able to have it paid off in time without having to pay interest. Here I am today almost 4 months post procedure and I am using my dilators every day with zero pain and I am having pain free intercourse with my husband.

    I am very thankful that Care Credit was a option because for me it meant being able to have treatment. Such a easy process and something you should definitely look into when considering treatment if money is an issue.”

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