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    What are your guys’s thoughts on different methods of contraception and how they might affect vaginismus? (Although I have not been able to have sex yet due to my condition, I’m really really hoping I’ll be able to once my fiance comes to visit me in the US in late June. I need to make sure to keep working hard at it!)

    I am looking into getting an IUD inserted in late March.

    My reasoning behind this is because of the possible effects of birth control pills on vaginismus. Last year, before I was officially diagnosed with vaginismus, I was under the impression I’d be having sex with my fiance when I visited him in Denmark during the summer, and so I went on the pill. Even when I switched to a different type than what I initially started, I extremely disliked the way the pill made me feel. I felt fatigued during the whole summer.

    When I returned to the US and started treatment for my vaginismus, my doctors told me that the pill – while certainly not the cause – could have contributed to some of my symptoms.
    One of my doctors in particular told me that I shouldn’t even be a candidate for the pill BECAUSE I have vaginismus. She told me the pill has the potential to undo a lot of the progress I’ve been making.

    Even though my fiance and I have agreed that he’ll wear a condom every single time we try, I’m a firm believer in using TWO forms of birth control at the same time. So, since I really don’t want to go on the pill again, I’m going to get an IUD.

    What about you guys? Thoughts on contraception and their effects on vaginismus?


    Hi Kitten. Thank you for your post. I truthfully do not know the answer to your question but I did some on-line research on contraception and their effects on vaginismus. Some sites indicate that sexual pain is not a side effect and other sites suggest that the pill can cause dryness and also induce a menopause-like effect that results in thinning of the vaginal wall, causing sensitivity. I also found a site that discusses IUDs with 931 comments.

    Ladies, do you have any further thoughts on contraception and their effects on vaginismus?


    Hi Kitten. I also found a prior post from Lesoc concerning contraception:

    For everyone I would recommend reading “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” I used the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) for over a year as birth control and it was very informative to know my cycle 110%.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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