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    Hi ladies. I think this forum can be so helpful for to-be-treated patients as well as veteran patients to ask questions, receive feedback, etc… For to-be-treated patients reading this who may be a little nervous about the procedure, please know that it is truly and entirely life-changing. For treated patients, including those who have shared their inspiring and amazing stories with us, how has your life changed since having this procedure done?

    For me personally, it has entirely and totally changed my relationship with my husband. Prior to the procedure, we always had a strong and loving marriage and experienced intimacy in different ways. Following the procedure, our relationship has gotten even stronger as we can now make love and we look so forward to this time with each other. In addition to strengthening our relationship, it has incredibly boosted my self-confidence as I feel “normal” in a sense now as I can make love, have comfortable gynecological exams, use a tampon, etc… Third, it has really boosted my confidence in doctors and clinicians. It has been written in close to every post that I’ve read. But, Dr. P and his staff truly are amazing people and they do a phenomenal job at making you feel entirely accepted, comfortable, and supported throughout the process. Post-procedure, I’ve developed good relationships with new physicians in my local area based on the positive experience that I had with Dr. P and his staff. It truly was life-changing in every way!!!

    How has this procedure changed your life?


    Hi Heather! I totally agree with you, vaginismus was on my mind 24/7 prior to having the procedure done. I remember having dreams in which people would for some reason know what was going on and would make fun about me. I think this was just a reflection on how awkard I felt for some many years. My hubby Nick and I share long time friends from college and we would be invited to their weddings, their children baptisms and other social events including now the children from our friends. I started pulling away from those events just to avoid questions about our timing on having babies, this just made me feel like I was alone in this battle even when I was surrounded by so many loving people. Finding Dr. Pacik was a truly blessing in our lives! Now, when people ask, I am happy to share the news that we are trying for a baby! And this alone, is very exciting! (Not to mention the ability to insert tampons, have normal gyn exams and make love when we feel like!) Life is good…


    Life truly is so good Diana and I loved this post! I am especially excited that you guys are now trying for a baby and also that you can now enjoy the ability to make-love pain free, have normal gyn exams, and even insert tampons. It just feels GREAT! For those to-be-treated patients reading this, please believe us both that it is a life-changing procedure and Dr. P and his staff will entirely change your life for the better.

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