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    Hi all. Has anyone here tried dilating as well as intercourse in water? In the past, there have been some threads about this that I wanted to share but I am very interested to here your thoughts/opinions on this. Has anyone tried it? Did you find it helpful?
    In the past, Erika, a Physical Therapist has written:
    ” I recommend after every shower/bath to just use a finger and manually stretch your vaginal opening. I find that most women are the tightest toward the bottom, so I suggest stretching downward for 10 seconds or so a couple of times can help. The hot water after a shower/bath will improve blood flow to the area, so the tissue will be more pliable rather than trying to randomly stretch throughout the day.”
    “[W]ater is great for dilation – it causes vasodilation, so more blood flow can occur, making the tissue stretch easier.”
    And Dr. Pacik has written:
    “Dilating or having intercourse in water simply requires a different type of lube…I recommend using cocoa butter, both on the outside as well as on the inside, and on your dilator or partner’s penis.Other lubes to consider are silicone based and olive oil or any of the other natural oils.”

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