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    Hi Heather

    Thanks for your support.

    How many hours should I dilate everyday ?
    Is it all day with few breaks to get to the next size ?


    Hi Twinkle,

    I think everyone needs to find a dilation program that works for them, but in general, I encourage my patients after botox to dilate for a minimum of 30 minutes, and I encourage them to try to dilate longer. Many patients will dilate for about an hour.

    Dilation more than once a day is a great idea too. Morning and evening if you can fit it into your schedule.

    I for sure have had patients be successful with dilating less time per session, but the key is doing the dilation every single day.

    I also think sleeping with a dilator every other night can be very helpful.



    Hi Twinkle. I dilated for 2 hours per day with the Pure Romance dilators. I would do purple for 30 minutes and then pink for 30 minutes in the morning and then pink for 30 minutes and blue for 30 minutes in the evening. I slept with the purple one every other night. This worked for me but I did take a day or two off at times and the week off during my period. I found that when I over-dilated in the very beginning that I would become incredibly sore and it made the next days dilation very difficult. I think Melissa’s suggestions above sound great and its really a matter of finding a dilation program that works for you. I hope this helps so, so much. Sending you hugs and support today!!!


    I want to add that I was told to sleep with the blue dilator in and was able to a few times but found it EXTREMELY difficult. If you can, amazing – it will speed up your progress! But I stopped doing it after a few times because I wasn’t getting any sleep and stuck to dilating an hour a day during my waking hours. Three weeks after my procedure I had sex for the first time and three months in I was having pleasurable intercourse and soon after didn’t really need to dilate anymore.

    All of this is to say that everyone needs to make their own best plan, but don’t beat yourself up if there’s parts that just aren’t working for you. Being consistent and dilating EVERY DAY is the most important thing, but feel free to do what makes you most comfortable and lets you live your life.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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