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    Hi all! In a prior post, Dr. Pacik has written:

    “[t]hrough this Forum, women are able to understand that hope for a cure is a reasonable expectation and this can be the driving force of feeling empowered.”

    For several years while having vaginismus, I felt hopeless that I would ever overcome. I tried using the dilators alone and made zero progress. I would be very motivated and try and try to find a way to overcome for a while and then go long periods filling my life with other things. When I finally discovered Dr. Pacik in 2011, it was such a relief and felt like I had finally found a way to overcome this once and for all and to move forward. I researched and researched different treatments in the past and when I brought up Botox was told that it would cause life-long incontinence. Thus, I felt hopeful to learn about the Botox treatment program that Dr. Pacik offered but also terrified as it sounded so serious and because of what I had been told about it in the past. I couldn’t have been more wrong and the Botox procedure was entirely safe and it was the one thing that worked for my husband and I when nothing else did. We did finally overcome and our dream of beginning a family together came true (our son will be one in May). If you are reading this right now and, like me, feel hopeless and like it will never be possible to overcome vaginismus, please, please, please have hope and know that it is entirely possible.

    In a recent post, Dr. BatSheva wrote:

    “I LOVE talking to women about sexual health and I really feel like every problem has a potential solution.”


    Melissa wrote:

    “I have extensive experience working with patients with dilators, and I assist with the botox procedure for every patient, and follow them through from pre-op to post-op to make sure they are successful.
    Women don’t need to suffer in silence with vaginismus, we are here to help! Please, don’t hesitate to give Maze Women’s Health a call to discuss your condition and if treatment with our center is right for you.”

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