How do you deal with the fact that your partner may have experience?

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    Hi ladies. In a text message today, the question was posed: Was your husband a virgin when you met him? If not, were you ever insecure about not being able to because of his experience with other women?

    First of all, this is a great question. My hubby was not a virgin when I met him and I was very concerned that he had experienced intercourse already and I worried that he would want this more because he had already had it. We talked and talked about this and he was incredibly supportive and truly my rock through everything. He assured me that our love was the most important thing to him and he would wait forever. I could never describe how much this meant to me and how important his support was. I had always considered vaginismus to be my own problem to just “fix” while I was going through it but as I look back on it now, it truly was a journey that we both went on and overcame together! My best advice to you is to communicate with him about how you are feeling and have faith that he will be your rock and will support you through every single step of overcoming vaginismus. I believe in you 100%!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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