How to Use Dilators to Treat Vaginismus (Hear from Dr. Pacik and Ellen)

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    Hi ladies. For anyone who is new to the Forum or for anyone who has yet to find the video section, I would encourage you to view the various videos on vaginismus with the following link:

    How to Use Dilators to Treat Vaginismus (Part I) is an absolutely excellent and incredibly thorough breakdown of what one experiences in the office from arrival to discharge. It is narrated by both Dr. Pacik and Ellen and is simply amazing. Moreover, it describes the real experience that patients have while in the office in NH once they wake up with the dilator in place for the very first time. This realization, again for me, was incredible and something I will never forget. That is, having something inside of me for the very first time with absolutely zero pain and then being able to remove it and reinsert it right back in myself when I couldn’t even insert a q-tip pre-procedure. Both Dr. Pacik and Ellen describe the emotional toll dilating can have on a woman with vaginismus pre-procedure when it is often difficult or impossible and the lengthy time-frame that some have experienced. I tried to use dilators on my own for so many years and I was also unsuccessful at pelvic floor physical therapy because I was unable to insert anything at all and it felt like I hit a wall whenever we tried. It was beyond frustrating and I understand the toll that this can take. Dr. Pacik and Ellen also describe the change they witness, first-hand, in women post-procedure, including and very importantly, increased confidence. I remember having overwhelming anxiety pre-procedure on day 1 and then feeling so, so good and proud of myself on how much I had accomplished on day 2. It truly was life-changing for me in every sense of the way and significantly increased my confidence.

    I encourage you to view this video and welcome your comments and feedback here.

    If you were about to have your procedure in a week or two, what advice would you have wanted regarding the dilating part of the program? And, as the video discusses confidence, how did this procedure affect your own confidence levels?

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