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    A former patient just sent me a link to this short video on BuzzFeed called “I got Botox in my Vagina.” It has already gotten over 7 Million views, and the responses are great. It really can help those suffering from vaginismus to have hope, and know Botox is a very safe and effective treatment. Check it out:



    This is great Nicole. What struck me so much about this as well is there are now 3,232 comments. Some are rude and ridiculous while others are from women who are currently struggling with vaginismus and now know about this type of treatment. It’s great to see it discussed in mainstream media!!!


    Roger that.

    I think that there will always be people who react to vaginismus with skepticism because people assume that sex just happens. It’s hard to imagine that it won’t. Fortunately, there is more education out there about it. I hope it stops being a secret condition….one day.


    Agree with all three of you. The more patients share their experience with botox the more enlightened the public will become about Vaginismus. I am optimistic that in the near future patients who have vaginismus will be able to seek out appropriate medical help without having to see a slew of gynecologists who are unfamiliar with this condition.
    I think the topic of vaginismus should be taught to all practitioners who are being trained in Women’s Health.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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