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    I speak with women from all over the world who are struggling with vaginismus and the one thing they all have in common is doubting that their vaginismus is “real.” They have read and read so many articles, web posts, etc that are meant to valiudate that it is real. However, there is still that little voice in
    their head saying “something is wrong with YOU, you can get over this on your own.” I always validate for them that this voice is wrong, vaginismus is real, and with the right help you don’t have to suffer.
    If that little voice is talking to you, please give us a call, and we will help you quiet it down, and treat the vaginismus.

    mmHelen Leff, LCSW

    So true. Vaginismus is real and so is treatment for vaginismus. We at Maze are here to help.


    This is so true, and it’s sad that the cycle of vaginismus seems to repeat for all of us suffering – it almost always starts with the fact that vaginismus is largely unknown to those who don’t suffer from it. Just a day ago I saw an article posted by a woman who experienced postpartum vaginismus and was surprised to discover, after much frustration, that several women she knew had experienced similar problems but kept them secret, like so many of us do. Until this issue becomes a wider part of the culture, we will have to stay strong and remember that this issue exists and can be overcome.

    Here’s the article, if anyone is interested:


    Thanks so much for posting the article. This is fantastic, and so glad to see that mainstream media is addressing the issue, and providing a platform for everyone to learn more about vaginismus. As you noted, it was pretty crazy that the author of the article actually had several friends with the same issue, but they had all been too ashamed to speak about it. Please do talk about it vaginismus…you never know who you could be helping!


    This is so true! One similar thing that made me doubt myself was that when I did mention some of the issues I was having with sex, I had friends with anecdotes like “yeah, my first time hurt too” and “I had to try a few times before it actually worked,” which just made me think I needed to keep trying and it’d get easier – which was NOT true in my case.

    I randomly saw an article (similar to the Elle article) that mentioned vaginismus and I looked it up – I obviously hadn’t heard of it – and realized that could be my problem … I only realized it wasn’t just me or “in my head” after going to Maze and hearing more about vaginismus from the team.

    If, instead, like the Elle article mentions, this was more COMMON, WIDESPREAD, and TALKED ABOUT, I could have realized and gotten intervention sooner.


    Just wanted to draw attention to this great string of posts about how we need dialogue about vaginismus to be more COMMON, WIDESPREAD and TALKED ABOUT! Thanks again to all the amazing women who are out there making more COMMON, WIDESPREAD, and TALKED ABOUT!


    Thank you also for thinking a lot for woman’s.

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