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    Hi all. In an earlier post from Dr. Pacik in reply to a woman who was having frustration with daily dilating, he wrote a lengthy reply and ended it with “keep dilating and keep the faith!” I absolutely love this and found it so true while I went through my own dilating. There were many days that I would be frustrated if I was able to get a particular size in one day and then couldn’t get it back in the very next day. What helped me was to remain calm and return to dilating with a smaller one until I felt completely and totally relaxed and would then try the next size up again. When I first began using the largest blue dilator (pure romance), there would be days that it felt very uncomfortable. Again, what helped me was to keep doing this daily and insert it a little; watch a show or read something and become relaxed again; and then insert it a little more (dealing with it in stages and daily). Please keep dilating and keep the faith!!! And, if you do find that this isn’t working or you even just want extra professional help with this, please contact Maze and work with them in whichever way possible. Sending you all support!

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