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    Hi all. On the website for Maze Women’s Sexual Health, they have an excellent section titled “In the News” that references so many different articles on sexual health. With the fight that Dr. Pacik and all of us have had to finally get vaginismus more well-known and talked about, it is so nice to see magazines covering it in any form. I wanted to share with you a link to the New York Magazine article: What It’s Like to Have Severe Vaginismus:

    If you come across articles of any kind on vaginismus, please, please post them here and share with the community. Also, if you have any ideas on publishing an article about vaginismus, please, please share.

    I always remember the Cosmo article that a patient of Dr. Pacik’s wrote and how this one brief article impacted so many others (see two posts below of women who discovered and were treated for vaginismus after reading this article)

    Story 1:

    “I decided to keep researching and in late October came across the article in Cosmo. I emailed Dr. Pacik’s office in early November and had the procedure done in early December. I’m happy to report that yesterday – 34 days post-procedure – I had sex! :)”

    Story 2:

    “Hi, I wanted to introduce myself since I recently had the procedure done. I have been struggling with vaginismus for about 9 years (that I know of), and I’m so thankful I found Dr. Pacik! I’m currently a 27 year old 4th year medical student, and I find it troubling that, as a soon to be physician, I had barely heard of vaginismus as a medical condition. I think the work Dr. Pacik and all of you on this forum are doing is amazing. Before I came across these posts and started reading, I felt completely alone. From a young age I knew something was wrong when I couldn’t wear tampons, but I thought it was just me. In recent years, after beginning a serious relationship, my relationship began to suffer severely, and I knew there had to be something more. I felt broken, abnormal, and like I couldn’t do something that normal people are supposed to do. It became frustrating for both me and my boyfriend. I went from doctor to doctor and no one could tell me what was wrong. No one could come up with a treatment that would actually help. I tried dilators, physical therapy, psychotherapy, gabapentin, lidocaine jelly…I felt completely stuck. I felt like I would never be able to get married or have children… Then my mother came across an article in Cosmo magazine about Botox and I started googling..

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