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    Hello everyone!

    I am so glad to be onboard and discover this wonderful support group – its so heartening to know that I am not alone. First of all, I would like to applaud everyone here for being so incredibly brave, for telling their truth, being vulnerable, persisting and succeeding!

    My story is similar and not so similar as I haven’t tried hard enough (I wish I had the courage or consciousness and will to do so earlier) acknowledging you don’t have a problem or ignoring it only makes it come back like a boomerang, so I have learnt. Here I am with my lack of experience and trying to make a new beginning. So I have never tried dilating or having sex in the real sense of the word (yes there are strange people like me in this world too :-)) My goal is now to begin dilating, learn as much as possible about dilating and to successfully dilate with the biggest dilator. I am hoping that work before I consider the botox option. Which dilator is the best to start with? Any other tricks, tips and ideas that worked for you? Please share with me and continue sharing. Strength and beginner’s luck is all I need at the moment and you women are a huge solid rock, you also rock! 🙂

    Much love,

    Dr. Pacik

    Thanks for introducing yourself Lauren999. Here are a few suggestions:
    Request a questionnaire, complete it and send it to me for evaluation. Sexual pain can be caused by a number of conditions. The correct diagnosis of vaginismus is important and is made by using a detailed history to differentiate it from vulvodynia and vestibulodynia. Much of this is discussed in my book: “When Sex Seems Impossible…”
    Many patients like the shorter glass dilators making it easier to do your normal activities while dilating. More information can be found by linking to
    We have a DVD which explains how to use dilators. This can be ordered through my office and is inexpensive. Just call 603 660 0290 and speak to one of the staff.
    It is important to get started to avoid wasting too much time. Hope this helps. My best wishes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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