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    Hi all. I wanted to share a book on Amazon that describes tips for overcoming menopausal secondary vaginismus:

    Painless, Fearless Sex after Menopause: Overcoming Vaginal Atrophy and Secondary Vaginismus Kindle Edition

    by Sophie Germaine (Author)

    While having vaginismus, I remember always thinking that I was the only one and my husband also thought that we were the only one experiencing this. While up in NH receiving the Botox treatment program, my roommate and her husband were also going through vaginismus treatment and she overcame her secondary vaginismus caused by menopause. We still emailed and kept in touch following our procedures. For anyone reading this right now, please know that you are not alone going through vaginismus and you will overcome. I also wanted to share some awesome reviews and stories of women who overcame menopausal vaginismus with the help of the Maze Women’s Sexual Health team:



    Thanks for raising awareness around sex after menopause. We live in a culture that looks at sex as reserved for the young when in fact, plenty of middle-aged people have great sex and if they aren’t, would like to. I’ve read several studies that concluded that many women feel more confident as they get older, even though their body has changed.


    Sex after menopause can be amazing! (and no worries about contraception). But if there is any pain, please contact your health care provider. You should be able to enjoy your sex life to the fullest at this age.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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