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    Hi all. One of my favorite parts of this Forum is the ability to connect with others who either have or have had vaginismus and to read their own personal stories of overcoming the condition.

    Dr. Pacik had such an important vision in creating this Vaginismus MD Forum and wrote the following concerning such:

    “One of my visions in the creation of the VaginismusMD website was to share the stories as told to me by my patients. While each of these women is unique, their stories share similar themes. In a time when so little scientific information is available about vaginismus, it is actually their stories that have been so important for my own education. These stories are the fabric of vaginismus.

    Every Vaginismus Patient Tells a Story

    There is the newlywed who can’t consummate her relationship with the love of her life. There is the husband and wife who have tried for years to have sex, but now live more as roommates than as a married couple. There is the woman who feels like a failure and grows more depressed by the day, because no matter how many treatments she tries, she can’t overcome this condition. There is her partner who feels rejected and angry; is there something wrong with him? There are the countless couples who have given up hope of having children; of the future they envisioned for themselves before the heartache of this condition thwarted their happiness.

    The stories during and after treatment are equally important. Their frustrations and their successes. Their fear of failure, their love hate relationship with their dilation program, their continued anxiety regarding penile penetration, their struggles with low libido, their search of improved relationships that were on the verge of disruption. All of this is vaginismus.

    Every story is important to share and every story helps break down the walls of silence. Already too much secrecy surrounds this complex condition, making matters worse for the millions of women worldwide who suffer from vaginismus. This wall of silence only adds to the perceived shame, and lack of understanding and awareness of vaginismus, not just among patients, but among the medical community and public at large.

    At VaginismusMD, we encourage patients to share their stories with their families and spouse or partner. In doing so, they find much needed comfort and information. They also realize they are not alone. And, most importantly, they find hope. Many of the patients I have treated are committed to outreach, to advocate for other women to help spread the word that vaginismus is a real medical condition, not something just in their heads, and to helping others on their journey to a cure. I want vaginismus sufferers to know that health care professionals are committed to learning more about this condition and advocating for their patients.

    This website is dedicated to the millions of women who suffer from vaginismus worldwide, and specifically to my patients whose stories and insights have taught me so much, not only about vaginismus, but how to be a better doctor. Their voices deserve to be heard.”

    I absolutely love this post from Dr. P. In continuing on with sharing and reading these important stories, I wanted to start this thread to share new stories and patient testimonials from those treated at Maze Women’s Sexual Health. If you have been treated for vaginismus at Maze, please feel free to share your story with others here. Knowledge is power and your story may help another who is reading this right now and considering treatment.

    I also encourage you to read the excellent patient testimonials here: //

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