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    Hi all. I came across an article from Dr. Oz: Sandpaper Sex, Despite the Lubricant.

    Excerpts from the article include:

    “It would be nice if lubricants always solved the problem, but sometimes the ravages of menopause make the vaginal walls so thin and dry, the only way to reverse the vaginal clock and make intercourse comfortable is estrogen. Currently, there are three types of prescription vaginal estrogen products.

    Estrogen cream (Estrace™ and Premarin™) has the advantage of giving both internal and external help, but tends to be on the messy side. The reusable applicator, while environmentally friendly, has to be washed, put away (where the kids won’t find it) and reused.

    Vagifem™ is a pre-loaded estradiol tablet that avoids the messy factor, but has the disadvantage of only treating the vaginal walls.

    The final vaginal estrogen product is Estring™, a silastic vaginal ring that you insert in the vagina and replace every 3 months. Kind of like your Brita.

    For many women, the best way to go is with a combination approach. Use the ring or the tablet to get rid of the sandpaper-sex feeling, and apply cream on the outside a couple of times a week. All vaginal estrogen products restore vaginal blood flow, decrease vaginal pH (making you less susceptible to infections), and improve the thickness, elasticity and lubrication of your tissue.”

    I encourage you to read and welcome your comments and feedback here.


    Post menopausal painful intercourse is one of the most common problems that I see at Maze, and it is usually one of the easiest to solve. We have so many different treatment options, some hormonal, and some are not. There are many women who are “afraid” to use hormones because they heard that “they cause cancer”, or “will give them a heart attack”. Using local estrogen therapy for postmenopausal vaginal atrophy and painful intercourse is very safe when used correctly. However, if someone has a contraindication to estrogen, we have several options for non hormonal treatments for post menopasual atrophy, including non hormonal creams, Osphena and the new Mona Lisa Touch laser.

    If you are women who are experiencing post menopausal dryness and painful intercoures, please don’t suffer any more and call our center!

    I am happy to speak with anyone about this subject, we offer free 10 min phone consultations.



    Melissa, you wrote: “If you are women who are experiencing post menopausal dryness and painful intercourse, please don’t suffer any more and call our center!”

    This is excellent. I have read so many recent articles that indicate that painful sex is often not mentioned to doctors due to shyness and being nervous to bring this area up in conversation. It is excellent that you guys are out there and understand thoroughly plus offer so many different treatment options for post-menopausal dryness and painful intercourse.

    mmHelen Leff, LCSW

    I have noticed a pattern with menopausal women who used to have good partnered sex – when intercourse becomes painful all sexual contact declines and the relationship suffers. There are so many treatment options available and partnered sexual contact need not go by the wayside. Successfully treating painful sex is what we do at Maze!

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