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    I had my procedure on 6-9 and I’ve been doing well with dilating with glass 4 & 5! Today (which I have before 2x after about 1/2 a box) I put in a tampon! After about 5 tampons and a a shaky nervous body 5 tries later it finally went in! Yay I’m soo happy I know I’ve done it before bit it was sooo long ago I don’t remember the feeling. No more sucky summers by the pool or ocean I can enjoy swimming and swimsuits now this summer. Try it when you get your period after dilating your going to be excited how easy it is to insert. I’m only a day into my period so used tampex pearl (with application and a little lube) lights. I’m a little nervous to pull it out but I know it will be ok. They come in so many light, regular, heavy, super. Girls don’t be afraid to use them! After dilating I look at my periods in a whole new way!!!!

    Dr. Pacik

    One of the symptoms of vaginismus is not being able to remove a tampon after insertion. This is due to the tampon swelling as it fills with blood. The spastic vaginal muscle then prevents removal. I encourage my treated patients to use tampons as another form of penetration. However during the early use of tampons it is best to remove them a few times a day until you get comfortable with them. More about this can be found by linking to


    My congratulations to KatieG07 for this major breakthrough!


    I went through the box I had putting them in and taking them out after a few hours a few times! Let me say after I bought more I think I’m saying bye bye to pads! These are way comfortable. Now I know why my friends always say that!

    Thanks Dr Pacik


    Great job Katie!!!

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