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    Hi all. In a recent thread, Nicole at Maze Women’s Sexual Health noted the benefits of couples counseling, writing: “another thought is to try couples counseling, for many people it can be a safe place to discuss difficult issues.”

    Also, in the past, Dr. Pacik has written:
    “Sexuality is central to one’s personal identity; pain of any kind experienced during sexuality affects self-identity. After physical pain has stopped and normal physiological function can begin, lack of positive sexual experience, self -esteem issues, and awkward or scary feelings inhibiting sexuality do not necessarily disappear along with the pain. Women with vaginismus and their partners often experience anxiety, depression, deep feelings of rejection, doubt in themselves and in the relationship, guilt, and lack of trust. A qualified sexuality counselor with additional current information on vaginismus treatment is very helpful to healing the woman, her partner, and their relationship…”

    While my hubby and I did not do couples counseling post-procedure, there appear to be so many benefits from going through this together. Has anyone on here tried this post-procedure? If so, could you share your thoughts and overall experience.

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