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    Hi all. I always try to do some sort of advocacy monthly or to research on what is currently being done so that more doctors, providers and the general public will learn about vaginismus. I just now came upon this excellent Blog called “Hey Vaginismus”!
    Link to Blog:
    It is current (2015-present) and is a really, really good read.

    In her most recent April blog, she shared the following:
    “While I have yet to find my Real-Life Vaginismus friend, I am pretty much blown away by the number of internet vaginismus friends that I have made. I hear from at least one new woman every week who has the condition. My vaginismus friends live all over the world, are different ages, some are single, some are in relationships… we’re all different, but in so many ways we are all exactly the same. I have lost count of the number of women who have said that whilst reading Hey Vaginismus! they have felt that it could have been written by them. This is nothing to do with my skills as a writer. It’s because vaginismus does the same things to all of our brains- it makes us sad, scared, angry, irritable, ashamed, irrational, embarrassed… At other times, it makes us feel triumphant, excited, hopeful, loved…”

    I am going to reach out to the Blogger as I did in the past with Jane’s Blog and share about my Botox treatment for vaginismus and Maze Women’s Sexual Health. How awesome would it be if these women can learn about the different treatment programs for vaginismus offered at Maze including the Botox treatment. Even if it helped and touched only one women, it is so, so, so worth it! In the past, one of our Forum member’s, Bethany, learned of the treatment in our communication on Jane’s Blog and we still e-mail and talk today and in March of 2015, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, her dream come true!!!

    Bethany wrote this prior post:
    “A few months ago I stumbled upon Jane’s website, myvaginismusstory.com and was pleasantly surprised to read a story about someone else struggling with this problem. I emailed Jane to ask if she knew anything about Botox treatment for vaginismus (which I had heard rumors about 5 years ago, but was never able to find anything about it). At the time, she emailed back and said that she did not have any knowledge of this kind of treatment. About a month ago, Jane emailed me out of the blue and asked if I followed her blog (I didn’t) because someone (well, lots of someones) had come forward with information about Dr. Pacik’s treatment and it’s success. Wow! What a complete miracle. I have now been communicating with people from Jane’s community and the community here and I feel a renewed sense of hope! I had basically resigned myself to probably never having children (my life-long dream) and living as a basic room mate with my husband forever. Talk about a bleak existence. My friends and family that knew about my condition have always been supportive, but pretty clueless. It isn’t something that is very easy for most people to understand. Thank you to everyone on this Forum and Jane’s blog that have given me a new outlook and hope for the future. I get butterflies just thinking that I may even be able to have a baby in 2014!”

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