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    Hi all. Prior to my treatment in 2011, I remember being so nervous to just start the process of speaking to Dr. Pacik about the treatment and then scheduling the treatment. I am absolutely elated that I went through with it and did it but I do remember being very nervous taking these first steps. A very good friend and Forum member, Diana, also posted that she, too, was very nervous in the beginning. She writes:

    “I was anxious about making the first move to contact Dr. Pacik’s staff because of my fear of feeling judged just like all those doctor’s visits that I had during 7 years of trying to get someone to help me with vaginismus. Dr. Pacik offers that you speak with someone who went through the treatment and achieved results before you take the decision to schedule your treatment, this was a wonderful experience since it was the first time I was vocalizing my experience with someone who knew exactly what I was going through. After this, Dr. Pacik offered to call me and he did, he responded all my questions with great respect and patience. I schedule my treatment the day after and can’t be more grateful and happy with my decision. I have been vaginismus-free for over one year now!”

    Dr. Pacik has addressed this anxiety in a prior post as well and has written:

    “Many of our vaginismus patients have a very difficult time making initial contact with our office. We have had several telephone hang-ups per day, canceled appointments or no-shows for my pre-procedure telephone/skype sessions. We have had some husbands fill out the necessary forms because their wives are unable to fill out the questionnaires. Many of our patients are consumed by long-term anxiety and have also experienced several failed treatments in the past. Additional reasons may include the anxiety of facing the condition of vaginismus head-on. These couples become complacent with what is. Change disrupts the balance and is more work. Change is physically and mentally harder. What if we are still unhappy after treatment? Change represents moving into the unknown, a leap of faith that we are making the right decision. Know that you are not alone with these thoughts.
    There is a great deal to be learned about vaginismus and its many manifestations. By joining the Forum one can learn firsthand through the words of women who struggle with this condition.”

    I think by joining this Forum, it is such an important step in overcoming vaginismus and through reading the posts and even posting yourself, it will help so much to lessen your anxiety. I also really love the fact that Melissa and Dr. BatSheva are moderators of the Forum and can help you as well to feel less nervous about receiving vaginismus treatment at Maze Women’s Sexual Health. As they have written in the past, they care so much about helping you to overcome and, so importantly, they thoroughly understand vaginismus as many doctors and providers have still yet to hear of the condition.

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