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    Hi ladies. This was previously posted in tips for future patients. I’m wondering if there are any treated patients out there who have used a vibrator in advance or while dilating? Did you find it helpful for relaxation? Here is my prior post regarding the matter:

    There was a great new post recently concerning vibrators and dilation & intercourse. To aid in the dilation process post-procedure, Dr. Pacik has recommended using a vibrator. This can also help with transitioning to intercourse as well.

    There is an interesting article concerning – The Role of the Vibrator for the Vaginismus Patient that I encourage you to read:

    As I wrote in my previous post, the we-vibe vibrator is excellent and can really help with relaxation with dilating and intercourse. Here is the link to the website:

    For the treated patients, are there any other vibrators that you would suggest as well? Did you find that this helped you with relaxation with dilation & intercourse?


    Yes, I have been using a vibrator over the last few weeks during dilation. (Full disclosure: the best man in our wedding gave my husband the dilator on the day we got married! We did take the gift as a bit of joke. Come to think of it, one of my bridesmaids gave me some lubricant, too. Turns out those were the gifts that have had some of the greatest value! Who would have guessed?) Anyhow, I would recommend a vibrator for during dilation. It does relax me, and I find that I get further during the sessions with one, than those without. Dr. Pacik and Ellen showed us the we-vibe, the Candy Stick, and others. I have been using something that looks like a small egg. It does have a cord – attached to a battery-operated controller.


    Thanks Catherine. For those future patients who may be reading this, as Catherine wrote and as Dr. Pacik wrote in his blog

    a vibrator can help so much with relaxation with both dilating and intercourse.


    Hi ladies. Dr. Carole Queen, curator of the Antique Vibrator Museum @GoodVibesToys features the history of vibrators in America. Very interesting.

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